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At RE/MAX Elite Realty and Premier Properties


We prioritize making your experience go beyond expectations. With over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, we have dedicated our importance to building strong relationships between our agents and their clients. We have serviced all over San Gabriel Valley and developed a strong sense of community within the cities spanning it. 

Our focus as a brokerage is to provide a tailored educational experience from leading industry experts to top producing agents. Also, to provide support in areas that often get overlooked in the industry. We specialize in business plans that cater to and fit the agent’s business models. We also put heavy emphasis on marketing whether it be traditional print marketing or online marketing. Staying up to date and on top of real estate trends, our company is constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing market. 

The Benefits of Using a Professional Realtor

You’ll experience a wide variety of benefits when  you hire a real estate professional. Successfully  selling a property is a complicated exercise, and  Realtors have the experience, resources and  contacts to complete your sale quickly and  smoothly.


The Realtor advises on the current value of the home by analyzing the current market conditions and sales data.


A Realtor will have many useful suggestions on  ways to improve the marketability of your  property, including cosmetic repairs and other  items that will create a favorable impression  among buyers.


A Realtor will also allow you to tap into a highly  productive and extensive industry network, such  as a Multiple Listing Service or other industry  marketing system.



Security is a major consideration when showing  your home. By using a Realtor, you can rest  assured that all showings will be pre-screened  and supervised.

When negotiating a purchase, most buyers prefer  to deal with a middleperson who is objective,  unemotional and professional. Buyers will often  feel more comfortable with a Realtor than with  the owner when they want to raise issues that  need resolving before making an offer.

Monitoring, Renegotiating, Closing or Settling

A Realtor will guide you through the minefield of  potential problems associated with the appraisal,  inspection and financing process, including the  often complicated escrow instructions. In  addition, your agent can meet and instruct any  specialists or tradespeople who may be required  for repairs or other issues that need to be  completed before closing.

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